Wednesday, 20 January 2010

"The Birds"

"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all."
- Emily Dickinson

Inspiration Board for Editorial Shoot and Magazine!
Saturation of the birds of paradise, Alfred Hitchcock, Texture and Escapism.
Freedom, peace, loyalty and bravery, the bird also represents passage between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Shoot up soon :]

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tim Walker

Okay, so as i put up my sketchbook images that were inspired by Tim Walker's i thought i should at least put his up too ... just some quick snaps from my phone of the book in the Marangoni Library, its on my Birthday list!!!

Once Upon a Dream of Decadence ...

Look Book for my shoot 'Once Upon a Dream of Decadence'. A little prettier than Torture right? ;]
Inspired by the AW09 Trend of Decadence headed up by D&G and Roksanda Ilinic. My main inspiration was the beautiful sketchbooks of Tim Walker. I love the raw creativity and simplistic layout, his most imaginary and dreamlike photography was a great starting point for this! ... just wish i could of got my hands on his giant props :[!!

For the final shoot check my portfolio

A Special thanks to
Photographer Shareen Akhtar, Makeup&Hair Stylist Meggan Reid and Olivia Sandy, Model Savannah Baker.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Portfolio Site

Been working on my website!! Thank the lord for iweb!
Heres a few sneaky peaks before it launches!

;D x

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Shoe Tribute

Guess what... i can't sleep...

so as I'm on a House of Mooshki Shoe brain storm heres a tribute to my favorite shoes, as i couldn't pick one pair ;]!!

My 'I'll probably break your foot, but my feet look hot' Shoe..

My '1st pair of high heels.. and the ones i always go back to' Shoe...

My 'The boy did well..' Shoe...
AllSaints [and i was so pleased i wore them too much and they need cleaning :(]

And the latest... 'The ones i couldn't wait to get my hands on' Shoe...
AllSaints ..and no my feet have not been out of them!

Ahh bliss..

House of Mooshki

Been doing some design work for House of Mooshki Evening wear today! Need to finish the tech drawings off in the morning to send through to the factory!! eeeek!!
I know when the protos are done im gonna wanna change them around so much!! ... but hey thats what they're for right!?

And then onto the shoe collection. hmmm. Its kinda hard sticking to your target audience and trying to remember I CANNOT WEAR THEM ALL... no matter how much i would love too!!! hrumph :[!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Trouble Sleeping...

Gah! so much going on in my head i can't sleep!!! toooo many ideas for one little brain at this time in the morning and my nose wont stop running!!! Site is getting there... changing every second a work in progress!

A little goodnight lullaby ...

Sweet Dreams x

Saturday, 2 January 2010


My lookbook for the shoot!

Ok Guys! Project inspired by AW09 Trend 'Tough Leather' lead to this... don't do a runner its not as bad as it seems! Choosing to go down a darker route then my normal.. er fluffy self aha. Ok so theme was torture, quite shocking images ay.. definitely not going back to staples to print after they asked if I was mentally stable!! Oh which i am by the way :].
Images that some may think are so vulgar and shocking but everyone see's them differently.. if you can sit through the Saw films then this is like a pussy cat wrapped in cotton wool with a bow on its head!

Final Images you can see on my portfolio:

Nigel Cooke

'Don't Mess With The Message'
'Ghost On The Happy Trail'
'The Philosopher'

Probably one of my favorite artists ever! I LOVE Nigel Cookes work, if i ever have a wall big enough (..aaand the money obviously) I would most definitely invest! These are some of my faves although there are alot and in different styles! The vast spaces intrigue me and the way he layers up his work painting over and over previous images and exploring all mediums possible really makes him one of the most talented artists! If your not convinced i added a video for your own viewing pleasure ;]....