Sunday, 19 September 2010


after 2 hours of sleep... and trying to prepare my nerves for this show everything was shattered when i was given a clipboard and guestlist and told to man the door to bloomsbury.. i could have cried.. standing in the cold trying to keep impatient and even colder people at bay who have either lost their tickets or assume that i am supposed to know who they are mer..

pre show..

after the doors closed i pelted down the stairs to make the start of the show! only realising as the quite moans and inappropriate noises that comes with charlie le mindu's show music started.. that my phone was on the other side of the room with about 100 people stopping me from getting to it.

front row filled with porn stars, strippers.. the lady made out of plastic with the little blow up dog (who's name escapes me at this moment in time.. i am shit i know). any one who has seen or experienced a charlie le mindu show will know that a love of fettish.. porn.. hollywood glamour and just sheer outrageousness leaves you contemplating what is accepted as appropriate and inappropriate. and more hair thongs and hair .. of course.. in bubble gum pink shades.. black and red. leather open fronted swimsuits with leopard print gimp masks.. nakedness and amazing headpieces.. my favourite outfit probably being the flamingo.. with the turban and little flamingo head was super cute!
for picture see the blow blog..

and as that was the last show i working.. and after an amazing but challenging month
.. time for bed... at last :|!


located in the rather quiet streets around old street station is MCQUEEN.. a cosy glam.. if that is possible!.. bar and club.. the relaxed vibe was needed after a hectic day!..

rather interesting sculpture!

free cocktails.. that all seemed to taste like ginger beer!

blow girls :]...

one show left... ;]


asiarama indeed!! after a quick tidy up from spijkers en spijkers it was straight onto the bryce show! trying to guard the reserved seating i gave up after being slightly harassed by 2 members of (i think...) the irish times.. i went and sat in the photographers pit to sulk.


a huge jump in a totally different direction to the brice AW collection.. a colourful array of japanese kabuki costume inspired pieces.. incorporating the signature prints and structured design of brice in modern materials.. colours ranged from jewel shades of violent scarlets to pinks and subdued yellows and greens..
although this was an innovative change and many people were inspired and awed, i couldn't help preferring the structure and knit from the aw collection..
the shoes on the other hand i could of done with right there and then! geisha style slippers were exactly what my feet needed at that time!!

... and onto the after party...


please excuse my poor effort with the preview of this show.. rather manic running around.. kept entertained by a rather dizzy looking janice dickinson.. who's poses for the paps were getting slightly outrageous!!
the front row also included whitney houston's sister.. dressed in bright orange.. and an absolutely stunning amber rose.. if i could shave my hair and look that hot !!...

pre show..

most amount of evian.

pre show run through... the girls looked gorgeous.. all light haired.. dewy faced.. i sat there in jealousy.. but i put it down to the fact all the models for this show seemed around the age of 15/16.

show time..

yes a very poor effort i admit.. slipping into the front row hoping to get some slightly better pictures.. yet i was actually too engrossed in clothes... to me the twins that form spijkers en spijkers channeled a young 70's biba and details similar to mui mui's ss10 collection.. lace cut out tops and collars with elegant waisted flairs.. finished with a tailored jacket.. mini's and over coats..twin sets and black strappy platforms complimented the blacks, whites and camel shades used throughout the collection. i was pleasantly surprised and and quite transfixed.. which unfortunately left me clenching my phone in my fist with excitement..i will find some pictures soon!


after a 5am start.. watching the sun come up while on the train i somehow made it alive to then become an ice pole in the freeeezing warehouse where the bernard chandran show took place.
i was on the door of the auditorium welcoming bernard's family.. it was so lovely to see so many proud faces for him.. even backstage bernard went around to every single dresser, welcoming them, chatting and helping them with the best ways to put on the garments.

pre show..

karen binns WHAT? magazine as a souvenir, with mr hudson as the cover-star who was also dj-ing the show.

show time..

with all the trademarks of bernard's style his spring summer collection was given a light lift.. leaving the black at bay.. a mix of softer fabrics and structured envelope shoulders in lighter grey, nude and metallic gold complemented his signature prints and embellishments.. the collection was fluffed up with pale pink and nude ostrich feathers replacing the black bluey green of autumn winter...
the shoes .. gold platforms with miniature wings .. which were quite amazing i must say seemed to leave a couple of the models crippled. after a couple of falls and winces from the crowd.. one girl after her shoes had given way ended up on walking out on her ankles.. needless to say she didn't make it back out for the finale!

images should be up soon on -

Friday, 17 September 2010


a. maaazing. maybe made more amazing by being placed in the front row.. (while hillary alexander arrived late and placed herself upon the floor ..mehe.)..i guess there was something very wrong with the world at that moment in time!!


setting up 1st & 2nd row .. press release & goodie bags... and of course i took one home as a souvenir!
guarding the front row trying to look smart n that
pre-show run through

show time..
2nd part of the press pit.. if you look next to the lady in blue (2.5 people along from the right you may be able to make out hillary alexander sitting on the floor..) had to capture this as i was probably sitting in her seat :|!
ok probably not the most professional of pictures.. but pretty much sums up my experience of the show.. quick, blurry and exciting!

inspired by the intricate body of the ant, echoing the cliched waistlines of the 1950's silhouette was "ants&corsets". Bora Aksu's romantic style and rather quirky humour was seen in a mix of padded armour like segments and flirtatious crochet in a pallet of metallic greys, silvers, reds and the flash of nude flesh tones from underneath.

so romantic and futurisic.. pretty sure some better photos will be up very soon on or

early start tomorrow with an after show party & more than likely a lot more blurry photos!