Wednesday, 26 May 2010

mooshki behind the scenes.

so.. back in december i left my job as a bridal-wear consultant after 4 and a half long years haha. leaving to concentrate on uni & building my styling portfolio lead to the sacrifice of earning money to hopefully benefit me in the long run. hmm.. still waiting hehe.
but around christmas i was offered to become a kind of 'head designer' for the house of Mooshki in the north east who were starting up a bespoke bridal service. a package where i work with brides to design a dress specifically for her and in addition, bridesmaids and bespoke shoes to match.
over the past 6 months we (i say we i mean the director of mooshki vikki) have put a lot of time and money into working with factories to test out the quality of make and material & translation of designs... AND a couple of weeks back were offered a number of pages in an editorial in belle bridal magazine (which goes out to 10,000 brides in the north of england.. ek so hopefully we can start getting paid for all of this!).

due to exclusivity to 'belle bridal' magazine i can't post too much up until release in july!
but heres some little teasers of bloody huge hair.

creative direction: olivia wright
photography: helen russell
dress design & styling: olivia wright
hair & make up: lisa jones
house of mooshki director: vikki mccarthy

wear docks.

setting for our Mooshki bridal shoot in sunderland (north east), two of my favorite spots!
going to have to take a trip back as there were so many more places to use eek!

photography: helen russell


part 1 & some unedited frames of tommy & rory..max still to come :]

so i'm no photographer i can't do all this light business but hey, more to come once i get them all looking similar hmmm..


sneak peaks & that.

photography: mariell amelie
styling: olivia wright
make up: ole elias hove
bags: sarah williams

Thursday, 20 May 2010

carry on miss windsor. check.

a little teaser from sundays shoot!

photography: mariell amelie
styling: olivia wright
make up: ole elias hove
model: georgina @ confidence models

turned out amazing thank you so much to everyone involved!

nothing will be uploaded to my portfolio site until the end of june now.
shoots & exams out the way 1st!


some shots finally being edited from photosynthesis shoot :].
can't decide on what i'm preferring.
when i do i will upload all to portfolio.

chlorophyll & x-ray



photography: shareen ahktar
styling: olivia wright
make up: meggan reid
model: carlee wallace
post production: olivia wright

g'night x

Friday, 14 May 2010

hunters hunted.

when the hunter becomes the hunted. part of an editorial and article for my magazine.
splintered feet & an hour trying not to get caught with a pretend gun in hainult forest :]

3/alot, self shoot
photography: myself, sam & a fallen tree.

another marko beslac.

jenny saville @ the gagosian

tucked away on the middle on Davies St. you will find one installation of the gagosian, an exhibition room featuring illustrations by Jenny Saville.
i love the way that you can see how she has captured the struggling movement mother and child, sketchy illustration reminiscent of the virgin and child.
these pieces are probably my favorite of savilles.. a little less traumatic than her other work.


its been non stop, hence no writing on the the blog.

fri14th-sat15th: prowl time. portobello & east end vintage shops in search for dandyness. & also meeting with my old college where i did design to see their new talent and if any of it will feature into the roald dahl shoot!
sun16th: carry on miss windsor shoot with mariell & ole!
mon17th: let the time traveling magic begin!
tues18th-thur20th: raid a joke shop for troublesome two slash three & organize for mooshki bridal shoot.
fri21st: troublesomes. can't wait will be hillarious.
sat22nd-sun23rd: dress fitting, dress making, finishing & styling.
mon24th: lumlycastle&weardocks for shoot. fingers crossed!!
tues25th: HOME. BED. IM75.
wed26th: start planning final shoot of the academic year. yay.

sweetdreams x

ellen rogers.

looking through my resources for inspiration for houdini dandy i came across these.
reminds me of the contortion and manipulation in old magic.
also of the living headless women.

needless to say
i love.

marco beslac

i could look at these for hours.


p.s i just found this.


some inspiration for a shoot monday.
steam punk..dandy..retro futuristic.. and the world of old magic were some of the words mariell has built an amazing project out of.

up for portobello in 6 hours to begin the search.

laurel meets the marx

after spending a day scanning negatives in and even longer picking the best ones out of an amazing bunch... some of the final edits from the sneaky backstage peek i left you before ;]

photography: robyn harvey-coggans
styling&post production: olivia wright

updates to my site portfolio will be done when i have a spare minute to have a cuppa.

carry on miss windsor.

Sunday we shoot.
A mix of 50/60s baby-doll, a women innocently sexy with an overtly cheeky manor and holding her head high in the clouds.


a couple of my most favorite places.

botanic gardens.

view of the singapore river from the top of the swissotel.

sentosa island. gah.