Saturday, 18 December 2010


the video i assisted on for charlotte church ;] x

Saturday, 11 December 2010


some backstage snaps of the shoot in cave behind the sunderland marina

photographer - paul keating
stylist - olivia wright
hair & mua - lisa jones
model - emma brotherston

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


one of the current exhibitions at the design museum... drawing fashion celebrates the some of the most remarkable and unique illustrators since the 1900's...from lepape who illustrated many of the very 1st vogue covers to current artists like francois berthoud... two of my favourites being mats gustafson & aurore de la morinerie.... you will be able to tell why ;]

mats gustafson....

& aurore de la morinerie..


open until 6th march 2011

Monday, 6 December 2010


plain space is a major exhibition presenting the work of 'the father of modern architectural minimalism'.. john pawson.

the full sized installation.. the first of its kind at the design museum... a serene, peaceful space that illuminates grace and simplicity is at the heart of the room that presents pawson's rigorous process of reduction...

i could do with sitting in a room like that right now :-|

open until the 30th jan 2011


an amazing night held at the design museum by the sketchbook magazine team.. filled with live illustration workshops.. exclusive interviews with designers.. christmas card making and finished off nicely with a couple of mince pies and a glass of wine ;]...

talks with fashion designs richard nicoll, bora aksu..(who stated that he preferred a stylist not to work on his shows as they 'tend to throw their weight around'..haha), amy moleyaux (who's pet hate is dry felt tips...) & fred butler accessories designer and prop stylist... explained how important the role of illustration is in the design process... if you need to be a good drawer... or just able to get your idea's across...

Friday, 3 December 2010


or something along those lines...

some of the final edits from the shoot last night... shot in the ten bells church yard at night mariell captured a creepy snowman.. or something that started of like that but turned into my slightly twisted creation haha. although maybe the quickest shoot we have ever done after 24 hours of total stress dealing with model cancelations time and time again because of the snow we finally got there.. we may have froze but i love the end result!

shot at night but without flash... the street light leaves an eerie but soft mood... finished off with amazing masks made by ole elias hove!

photography - mariell amelie
styling - olivia wright
make up, hair & masks - ole elias hove
model - josh @ select models

[ .]


a little peak of the shoot... in darkness haha.
based loosely around the christmas classic the snowman but with a darker mood.
thanks to everyone as this was the coldest i could have possibly been ...ever :|


checking out locations for a menswear shoot, snowy churchyard.. freezing cold... i didn't last long thats for sure!

ten bells, church garden... commercial street..
st george's in the east...shadwell

so very very georges is so pretty but...maybe ten bells out of ease and convenience...