Saturday, 19 June 2010


my fmp. exploring the re-imagination of childhood memories, re-using of recycable materials to form fashion art pieces and remembering those old british comedies that often get over looked for references but are jam bloody packed!

rachelrardin@free range

a favourite for its contrast between strong focus and blur, and those dreamy colours you associate with 70s photography. you know the kind, with the hippies dancing around in the fields (referring to a recent editorial that was done similar in i.D)
this series, 'Illusions of a Remembered Past' is the outcome of her research into the relationship between the photographic image, the imagined image, and the act of recollection. Rardin has explored the imagined spaces of our remembered past, using landscape imagery, portraying fragments of forgotten moments. examining photography's ability both to recall the actual past but also to create an illusion of a past that never was.


craigcarmichae@free range

there is something so warm and inviting about these images.
so much detail and textures when you saw them hanging up.
i love the darker shades in the 2nd one.

georginahumphrey@free range

another nottingham trent graduate, georgina humphrey looks more at creating photographs suitable for an editorial spread.
the light is beautiful and i adore the effect the soft focus makes. like an old photograph...gah! one for the future maybe?

lucyroome@free range

again having a sneaky peak through the free range show (this time while it was setting up :|.. not that we err.. noticed?)
one photographer from nottingham trent university that stood out, not just for her beautiful representation of something slightly stomach turning but the way it was exhibited and the way it drew in the on lookers.
hanging sheer layers of a textured fabric allowed you to walk in between and around the suspended hearts, creating a different illusion and representation from every point of view.

the floor was pretty neat too (ha i said neat!).

Sunday, 13 June 2010

some published work from the 1st half of the year
editorial.pass that clutch
editorial.skeletons part1
editorial.skeletons part2

more to come :) x

roald dahl.snippet.

my last shoot of the academic year.
influenced by possibly my favourite author of all time.
roald dahl.
playing with his children's tales that are dreamy and inspiring with the very dark and twisted hidden humor that dahl himself created.

photography.mariell amelie
styling.olivia wright
makeup&prosthetics.ole elias hove
models.georgina&fran @confidencemodels

[garments made by sarah moore, daniel brown & olivia wright]


some behind the scenes shots on a v dodgy disposable in hainault forest!

Saturday, 12 June 2010


this has actually made me really intrigued about the backs of peoples heads.
i can feel another project coming on ;]

photograph.olivia wright
models.sam & mark


part of the re.use section of my magazine.
combating waste and ignorance & finding a recyclable solution to all of the free metro & evening standard newspapers left of the tube.

photograph.sam madden
styling.olivia wright
trousers.sarah moore

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


i have only just realized that i am 9 days into june .a l r e a d y. without writing a single post.
time goes quick.
2 more weeks of meh.
then marangoni is over for another 3 & half months.
time to move the contents of my prop slash hoarding corner up to the loft.
where it shall sit and be hoarded some more.
finally i can tidy my room without it being totally pointless.

styling.anna j cooper
photograph.jessica genchi