Thursday, 30 August 2012


two of my favourite videos by london duo public service broadcasting.. using archive war footage and propaganda material from the BFI to 'teach the lessons of the past through music of the future'.. what ever they want to call it i can't stop watching. i don't think we'd be able to just wander along to work as if its just another normal day after a night of blitzing ....  

Friday, 17 August 2012


a couple of sneaky peak behind the scenes shots from Wednesdays shoot!
necklaces & rings by Francesca
Smith, garments by Pin Israngkun

left – dress by Pin Israngkun. 
right – dresses by Catherine Bell.

left – dress by Uma Kangai. right – dress by 
Marina Qureshi, skirts by Domino Zeng. 
headpieces by Her Curious Nature

left – dress by Luisa Maccormack. 
Right – dress by Inbar Spector.

top – dress & gillet by Marina Qureshi. 
Bottom – dress by Raffaele Ascione.

Desginers Featured in this post – 
Uma Kangai, Catherine Bell, Pin Israngkun 

Thursday, 16 August 2012


yeahhh our editorial is published on Haunt Mag!!!
check it out at !! 

photography. flora deborah
mua & hair. michelle dacillo
model. annie @ storm

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


prep rail for today's shoot!!
super super excited for this sneaky submission ;)!!!

todays rail

detail. dresses by Inbar Spector

detail. dresses by Marina Qureshi, 
Domino Zeng & Raffaele Ascoine

detail. dresses by Catherine Bell & 
Uma Kangai

detail. Marina Qureshi, Raphaele Asconie 
& Pin Israngkun

necklaces & rings by Francesca Smith

shoes by Ashanti Lou

featured designers in todays shoot. Francesca Smith, Inbar Spector, Raffaele Asconie, Marina Qureshi, Domino Zeng, Pin Israngkun, Ashanti Lou, Catherine Bell, Luisa MacCourmack, Uma Kangai

Monday, 13 August 2012


sneaky snaps of just a couple of saturdays aw12 shoot scenes for papercut magazine!
Morven wears Jacket & Trousers by Cleo Prickett, Jumper 
by Seth Chun Yip Yung
Joe wears Jacket, Jumper & Trousers by Diana Zhou

Joe wears Shirt & Trousers by Diana
 Zhou, trainers by Claudio Aritzu
Morven wears Shirt by May Tang, Jacket 
by Sidonie Pannell & skirt by 
Daniel Moshe Cohen

Joe wears Jacket by Diana Zhou, Shirt by 
Yuki Ishigami & trousers by Ben Reily
Morven wears Jacket & Trousers by Sidonie 
Pannell, Shirt by Yuki Ishigami
Morven wears Shirt & Shoes by May Tang, Trousers by
 Laura Cazals
Joe wears Jumper & Trainers by Claudio Aritzu, 
trousers by Ben Reily

Saturday, 11 August 2012


todays prep rail for papercut magazine!!!
aw12 editorial, textures, tailoring, checks & knits!!... in august heat yyaayyy! haha!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

behindthescenes.SYN MAG

some phone snaps from our shoot with editor of SYN Magazine bethany grace!

featured designers. garments by yaya yang & headpieces by bianca laporta

featuring in the autumn issue of SYN Magazine!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

behind the scenes.. the big house!

some little snaps from sundays shoot!
shot at photographer rossella's gorgeous house in norwich, an amazing and huge team!
printed garments-liron itzhakov|tulle skirts-stylists own

necklaces-francesca smith|skirt-charles lu|tulle skirt stylists own

dresses-andrea mongenie&marina brenere|jewellery-francesca smith&carine chang

textiles.luisa maccormack|headpiece bianca laporta
top looks-charles lu|bottom look-jenny morris

dresses-moran li&marina brenere|coat-rahull verma|jewellery-lodichka jewellery.

can't wait to see the final edits of this massive shoot!!!!!

featured designers. liron itzhakov, francesca smith, charles lu, andrea mongenie, marina brenere, carine chang, luisa maccormack, bianca laporta, jenny morris, moran yi, rahull verma & lodichka jewellery

Monday, 6 August 2012


todays prep rail for SYN magazine!
all black... first ever for me :O shock horror haha?!?!
but textures textures textures!

featured designers. yaya yang & bianca laporta

Saturday, 4 August 2012


tomorrows extensive pull rails!
3 girls in a big house + lots of gorgeousness!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

her fearful symmetry.behindthescenes..

some sneaky snaps for you from yesterdays shoot!!!!
based on the novel 'her fearful symmetry' we shot jax & lena at the old ragged school museum in stepney green.. some truly beautiful and intricate printed pieces but you'll have to wait for the final edits to get a proper look ;) 
both looks - carmen estrada gutierrez

whole look - liron itzhakov

whole look - liron itzhakov

both looks - petra schultzova

featured designers. liron itzhakov, petra schultzova & carmen estrada gutierrez

(claires jacket - topshop ;-) )

O x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

c-heads editorial!..

published work on c-heads magazine online!

photography. flora deborah
styling. olivia wright
make up & hair. michelle dacillo
models. kaitlyn dorman @ storm & jamie walker @ m+p
photography assistant. annelie saroglou

featured designers. menswear - luke shaw, womenswear & textiles - freyja sjofn

see the rest of the editorial here...!!