Tuesday, 2 April 2013


slightly more dressier wardrobe for Dubai..
outfits for meetings with potential new clients and to visit the Dubai wedding show.. 
trying to be a little more modest.. (dont laugh for those that know me!).. but still with a hint of myself.. off course...got to be a little fluffy.
featuring 3 dresses from my extensive three floor collection!


last minute packing from my trip...
my little capsule wardrobe for china.
i will be visiting my manufacturers and doing some serious lace shopping!!
comfort & basics... having a bit of a lime moment too... :-|!

Monday, 1 April 2013

this months shoots!

some little snaps from recent shoots over the past month ...

team: claire huish, monica storrs, 
louis eguchi, rio & antonia & myself

'russian doll'
team: faye sampson, siobhan drew, stuart berham & mickala 
& myself

team: katie eleanor, siobhan drew & gemma & myself

'making the everyday.. epic'
team: beinta a torkilsheyggi, verity cumming,
heini, myself & cait 

'summertime sadness'
team: vikky ivie, myself & cait & carmen

can't wait to see these babies published! 
O x