Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mooshki Bespoke Bridalwear.

GAH! okay its been 10 days im sorry.. to the imaginary people that actually read this :|!
time has flown by and well i've had more important stuff to do than sit being a nerd face :]

So i've been getting ready to face the challenge of brides.. again. This time in the even scarier world of Bespoke. Mooshki (the bespoke shoe company i have mentioned many a time) have now launched a new Bridal section where the bride has the chance to have her dream wedding dress designed and made to her specific taste. In this package she can also go to the next step of having bridesmaids designed. THEN ALSO shoes and bags to match!!!
Can't wait to see what briefs i get!


Fridays are now Mooshki Fridays, as this launches i will be doing some starter designs to get the ball rolling and having a wee little photoshoot ;] as well as testing the quality of the dresses.

Will post up illustrations and what not as time goes by!

& anywho back to indesign...

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