Wednesday, 26 May 2010

mooshki behind the scenes.

so.. back in december i left my job as a bridal-wear consultant after 4 and a half long years haha. leaving to concentrate on uni & building my styling portfolio lead to the sacrifice of earning money to hopefully benefit me in the long run. hmm.. still waiting hehe.
but around christmas i was offered to become a kind of 'head designer' for the house of Mooshki in the north east who were starting up a bespoke bridal service. a package where i work with brides to design a dress specifically for her and in addition, bridesmaids and bespoke shoes to match.
over the past 6 months we (i say we i mean the director of mooshki vikki) have put a lot of time and money into working with factories to test out the quality of make and material & translation of designs... AND a couple of weeks back were offered a number of pages in an editorial in belle bridal magazine (which goes out to 10,000 brides in the north of england.. ek so hopefully we can start getting paid for all of this!).

due to exclusivity to 'belle bridal' magazine i can't post too much up until release in july!
but heres some little teasers of bloody huge hair.

creative direction: olivia wright
photography: helen russell
dress design & styling: olivia wright
hair & make up: lisa jones
house of mooshki director: vikki mccarthy

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  1. amazing livs, you're doing so well! best of luck with it all, Aimee x