Friday, 16 July 2010


while having the biggest clear out of my life..atlast.. i have found a copy of plus1mag [iss14]
& article featuring the work of brian gaberman

once again i have succumbed to the beauty of black and white film in which gaberman captures the real, life and devastation.

'to be truthful, i'm tired. i'm tired of looking for pictures in a world increasingly obsessed with gorging itself on them and drowning. tired of how fast it's all moving, how disposable it's all become. why would i want to contribute to this madness. these days i try to avoid making pictures whenever possible. its what i do for a living, so come the end of the day, i'd like to think about anything but my camera. i'd like to dig my hands into the soil of my garden. to feel something real. to me, these pictures are as real as it gets. they nag and nag at me until i give into them. they are of things growing, things fading and things gone. i can't tell you what they mean, i can only tell you what they are to me, family'
- brian gaberman

& it is so true.
i am obsessed.
i gorge.
and then why not i gorge some more.
i am surrounded by these images everyday of my life - and this day of my life (clearing out a huge magazine and paper collection) i am literally drowning.

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