Sunday, 6 November 2011

longtime.. write!
it has been a month since i last posted on here due to the fact i have been busy with things unrelated to the creative world.. so I haven't had much to tell you!

..only a month left at pringle assisting with product development!
..pre fall collections will soon be finished..
..shooting next week.. a vampy editorial for a Finnish publication..
..awaiting the release of base magazine issue 02 featuring a colab between mariell, elias & myself..
..some new gorgeous bridal collections being developed for the new year!.. an updated portfolio by the end of the year!

.. time to decide what i want to do with my life i suppose..and what the new year has in store for me.. i am hoping australia and south america!

for now..
the cold is creeping in and my tan has faded..o joy!

sail away with me..
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