Friday, 1 June 2012


so its been a while... 
been so busy its unreal!
spent 10 days in the far east fabric and lace shopping.. now back to london and a million shoots..
shot at the weekend for USED Mag Online.. backstage to come!!..
have spent this week back up in the north working on new shots of my bridalwear collection...
... will be shooting submission for  XQuisit next weekend.. well as hopefully a menswear shoot with flora the week after..
fingers crossed shooting in a gorgeous little house in norwich in a couple of weeks as well as doing a lookbook weve been talking about for a while!!!!.. i guess im booked up for june already :|...
i have a pile of new work i neeed to show you but unfortunately i have to wait until it is out and published.. soon i may be able to update my website!!
at long last!!
but.. this weekend its my birthday & bank holiday weekend i guess i'll see you once i've sobered up.. maybe on wednesday!
O x

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