Monday, 13 August 2012


sneaky snaps of just a couple of saturdays aw12 shoot scenes for papercut magazine!
Morven wears Jacket & Trousers by Cleo Prickett, Jumper 
by Seth Chun Yip Yung
Joe wears Jacket, Jumper & Trousers by Diana Zhou

Joe wears Shirt & Trousers by Diana
 Zhou, trainers by Claudio Aritzu
Morven wears Shirt by May Tang, Jacket 
by Sidonie Pannell & skirt by 
Daniel Moshe Cohen

Joe wears Jacket by Diana Zhou, Shirt by 
Yuki Ishigami & trousers by Ben Reily
Morven wears Jacket & Trousers by Sidonie 
Pannell, Shirt by Yuki Ishigami
Morven wears Shirt & Shoes by May Tang, Trousers by
 Laura Cazals
Joe wears Jumper & Trainers by Claudio Aritzu, 
trousers by Ben Reily

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