Friday, 26 February 2010


The curent exhibition at the V&A, 'Decode' the Digital Design Sensation was at first... a corridor of screen savers. Okay so some people like that kinda thing, but for me being the big kid i am like something more interactive and playful.

And that is just what i got.

The Venetian Mirror by Fabrica, plays with the idea of time and photographic development. When standing in front you do not see yourself immediately (kinda creepy huh.) but eventually, if you keep very still your reflection will start to appear. Allowing you to create a series of images or poses that can turn you from one person to the next or seeing how long you can balance on one leg till you appear?! It toys with the sense of new, old and the fragility of time (and you knees!).

A Videogrid by Ross Phillips lets you record 3 seconds of footage building up a grid of fast moving images. Saving every so often i can't imagine what people have recorded. In the case of these school kids it was middle fingers and rabbit ears. Yes that is me in the middle... fighting through the sea of school children who barged me from my 3 seconds of fame!

Mehmet Akten develops tools that allow us to explore new ways of digital interaction. This large scale piece was one of my favorites. 'Body Paint' shows a spread of bright colours flowing across a black canvas, following the movement of the body it invites the audience into a piece of continuous performance art.

Only downside.. unfortunately half of the exhibition was under repair, which i am not really too surprised at the way some of the school kids were going at it. :| Okay so i would be excited if i was taken somewhere like that while at school so hey i wont rant on :]

Take Note: Go later in the evening to avoid being barged over or sworn at by kids. Apart from that for £4.50, very cool.

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