Friday, 17 September 2010


a. maaazing. maybe made more amazing by being placed in the front row.. (while hillary alexander arrived late and placed herself upon the floor ..mehe.)..i guess there was something very wrong with the world at that moment in time!!


setting up 1st & 2nd row .. press release & goodie bags... and of course i took one home as a souvenir!
guarding the front row trying to look smart n that
pre-show run through

show time..
2nd part of the press pit.. if you look next to the lady in blue (2.5 people along from the right you may be able to make out hillary alexander sitting on the floor..) had to capture this as i was probably sitting in her seat :|!
ok probably not the most professional of pictures.. but pretty much sums up my experience of the show.. quick, blurry and exciting!

inspired by the intricate body of the ant, echoing the cliched waistlines of the 1950's silhouette was "ants&corsets". Bora Aksu's romantic style and rather quirky humour was seen in a mix of padded armour like segments and flirtatious crochet in a pallet of metallic greys, silvers, reds and the flash of nude flesh tones from underneath.

so romantic and futurisic.. pretty sure some better photos will be up very soon on or

early start tomorrow with an after show party & more than likely a lot more blurry photos!

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