Sunday, 19 September 2010


after 2 hours of sleep... and trying to prepare my nerves for this show everything was shattered when i was given a clipboard and guestlist and told to man the door to bloomsbury.. i could have cried.. standing in the cold trying to keep impatient and even colder people at bay who have either lost their tickets or assume that i am supposed to know who they are mer..

pre show..

after the doors closed i pelted down the stairs to make the start of the show! only realising as the quite moans and inappropriate noises that comes with charlie le mindu's show music started.. that my phone was on the other side of the room with about 100 people stopping me from getting to it.

front row filled with porn stars, strippers.. the lady made out of plastic with the little blow up dog (who's name escapes me at this moment in time.. i am shit i know). any one who has seen or experienced a charlie le mindu show will know that a love of fettish.. porn.. hollywood glamour and just sheer outrageousness leaves you contemplating what is accepted as appropriate and inappropriate. and more hair thongs and hair .. of course.. in bubble gum pink shades.. black and red. leather open fronted swimsuits with leopard print gimp masks.. nakedness and amazing headpieces.. my favourite outfit probably being the flamingo.. with the turban and little flamingo head was super cute!
for picture see the blow blog..

and as that was the last show i working.. and after an amazing but challenging month
.. time for bed... at last :|!

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