Sunday, 19 September 2010


asiarama indeed!! after a quick tidy up from spijkers en spijkers it was straight onto the bryce show! trying to guard the reserved seating i gave up after being slightly harassed by 2 members of (i think...) the irish times.. i went and sat in the photographers pit to sulk.


a huge jump in a totally different direction to the brice AW collection.. a colourful array of japanese kabuki costume inspired pieces.. incorporating the signature prints and structured design of brice in modern materials.. colours ranged from jewel shades of violent scarlets to pinks and subdued yellows and greens..
although this was an innovative change and many people were inspired and awed, i couldn't help preferring the structure and knit from the aw collection..
the shoes on the other hand i could of done with right there and then! geisha style slippers were exactly what my feet needed at that time!!

... and onto the after party...

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